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Tuition and Fees

Updated: June 29, 2019



ACS is pleased to offer a quality, Christian education at a very competitive price.  We use an online accounting program, FACTS, and we offer a graduated price program if you have multiple children. 


Registration Fee: $370 per student, non-refundable, Early Registration Fee: $320

FACTS Fee: $20-$50 (range)

1 Child: $325 per month ($360 non-member)

2 Children: $570 per month ($625 non-member)

3 Children: $765 per month ($840 non-member)

Additional: $765 per month ($840 non-member)


*5% discount if the entire year’s tuition is paid on or before September 1, 2019.


We are also pleased to offer financial assistance. Submit your request and paperwork for financial assistance to the finance committee and school board which will endeavor to the utmost to arrive at a satisfactory plan that is mutually agreeable and of benefit both to the school and to those who support it. We want your children in our school!

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